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30 Adorable Photos of Hamsters Relishing Nature By Julian Rad


The art of wildlife photography requires patience and attention to the unpredictable behavior of animals. And it’s not the Austrian photographer Julian Rad who will say the opposite with his adorable and unique portraits of wild hamsters in the middle of nature.

This flora enthusiast has become over the years a true expert in the field. He also won first prize in the Comedy Wildlife Photography competition in 2015, which rewards the most amusing photos featuring animals.

Through his series of photographs, we discover the small rodent in its natural state in which it leads a rather picturesque daily life. We discover him tasting the fruits and flowers that cross his path, on the run, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Being installed near the Danube, a river crossing several European countries, the creative can easily indulge his passion and does not fail to photograph other animals such as red foxes, wood mice but also squirrels.

Discover below 30 touching photographs of wild hamsters by the talented Julian Rad, also on his website and his Instagram account. And if you appreciate this kind of artistic project, the one of the photographer Andre Villeneuve who shoots the breathtaking photographs of squirrels should please you.

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