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Incredible Bronze Sculptures That Hide Disturbing Faces


The Italian artist Paola Grizi creates bronze sculptures as imposing as they are poetic of faces emerging from the pages of books. Titanic’s achievements highlight the magic of literature.

Since childhood, the sculptor has shown great imagination and great creativity. And for good reason, his grandfather was a painter and sculptor recognized in Italy and his uncle was a ceramist. Before taking up sculpture, she studied Italian literature at university, which led her to work as a journalist. A strong start to his career pushed him to put his passion for writing at the heart of his artistic project.

For several years now, she has embarked on designing terracotta and bronze sculptures of faces that give the sensation of drowning in works. His works seem surreal as the details are precise and meticulous.

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We let you admire below a selection of the impressive sculptures of Paola Grizi. To learn more about the artist, you can visit his Instagram account and his website. Have a look at the Artistic artwork of Paola Grizi who sculpts disturbing books that hide faces.

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