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The City Of Paris Unveils Its First Statue in Honor of A Black Woman


On the occasion of the National Day of Memories of the Slave Trade, Slavery and their Abolition on May 10, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, inaugurated the sculpture of Solitude, an emblematic figure in the fight against slavery in Guadeloupe, also making the first statue representing a black woman in the Parisian public space.

For those who do not know its history: in 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte sent his colonial troops to restore slavery in the West Indies. The young woman with a rebellious and committed spirit will fight body and soul against this law to the point of becoming a symbol of resistance against slavery. Condemned for her acts of rebellion, she will be executed the same year, the day after her delivery.

The sculptor Didier Audrat, who made the statue, wanted to illustrate its history through his portrait. Thus he represented him with his right fist raised, clutching inside the declaration of Louis Delgrès while his other hand is placed on his round belly. The sculpture was inaugurated in a garden also bearing his name located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

The City of Paris specified that this initiative would not be the last and that it aimed to highlight other female emblems from Overseas who had a key role in the fight for freedom, justice, and equality.

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