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The Delicate And Precious Paper Creations Of The Artist Pippa Dyrlaga


The Delicate And Precious Paper Creations Of The Artist Pippa

These creations are so precise that they simply make us think of embroidery. The illusion is perfect but yet they are actually designed from a simple sheet of paper by the British artist Pippa Dyrlaga who does a real work of craftsmanship.

These paper works require exceptional rigor and dexterity that the designer has developed over more than 10 years. This graduate in Contemporary Art and Design has been passionate about paper art since childhood, for which she decided to devote her career by leaving her hometown for Hebden Bridge in England.

An engraver by profession, she trained hard in her home studio to improve her technique and offer highly original and representative works. To do this, she first draws by hand on the back of the sheet what she wishes to illustrate. Then, using a scalpel, she brings her creations to life with as much meticulousness as possible so as not to forget any detail.

Although the majority of her creations are made on white paper, she does not hesitate to add touches of color to give relief to these creations, in particular by painting the feathers of birds or the scales of fish.

We let you admire below the delicate and meticulous creations of Pippa Dyrlaga, also to be found on her website and on her Instagram account. 

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