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These Earplugs Give The Illusion Of Having An Octopus In The Brain


If ever you are often bothered by noise and are looking for original earplugs, there is every reason to think that the creations of the Japanese studio Seed Lampwork will please you. It must be said that his latest idea has had an impressive viral success on social networks thanks to an offbeat concept and striking visuals.

The creative Hirano Genki behind the studio has indeed unveiled plugs in the shape of tentacles which literally give the illusion of having an octopus stuck at the bottom of the ear. A fun idea, designed for a local octopus tribute event that will allow you to relax in style (and not without humor).

Shared on Twitter, the concept was an impressive success thanks in particular to @rayure_v ‘s tweet which totaled more than 280,000 interactions in just 3 days. So unfortunately for the fans, Hirano Genki does not market his creation online. But you can however contact him on this site or via his Instagram account if you wish to ask him to do so. 

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